30 Quick Vegan Recipes For The Whole Family


This recipe e-book includes:

  • 30 delicious and nutritious quick easy weeknight vegan recipes for the whole family.
  • A practical nutrition tip to go along with each recipe.
  • A list of our favourite time-saving kitchen gadgets to help you spend less time in the kitchen without sacrificing on taste or nutrition.
  • Our go-to time-saving tips along with the recipes to help cut down on cooking time without sacrificing on taste or nutrition.
  • A list of substitutes for each recipe to help you adapt the recipes to your individual preferences and to whatever ingredients you have available.
  • This recipe book is food and weight neutral. You won’t find us demonizing certain foods, or labeling certain foods as health vs. unhealthy. You won’t find calorie or macro counts on our recipes. Our nutrition tips are purely factual and do not promote weight stigma or an obsession with dieting. We follow an “all foods fit” approach with a focus on nutritious and balanced meals for vegans.


This is the second in a series of online nutrition guides/ mini recipe ebooks by Jessica Kotlowitz and Nadia Mulder, Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists. Jessica has a Masters degree in Nutrition (Msc. Nutr. Stell) and has been vegan for over 8 years. Nadia has a Honours equivalent degree in Dietetics (Bsc. Diet. Stell) and has been vegan for over 7 years. Both are passionate about helping others to thrive on a plant-based diet using credible scientific information and a food and body neutral approach to vegan nutrition.


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